Types of RegistrationFee (£)
Early-bird senior (until 30th March 2020)400
Early-bird junior* (until 30th March 2020)200
Senior delegate (30th March – 31st May 2020)500
Junior delegate* (30th March – 31st May 2020)250
Companion/Guest (until 31st May 2020)200

Conference registration fee includes access to all scientific sessions, breaks refreshments and lunches, welcome reception (Day 1), visit to the Surgeon’s Hall Museum (Day 2/3 of conference, during lunch break), and conference dinner at the National Museum of Scotland (Day 2).

The Wohl Pathology Museum, Surgeons’ Hall Museum. The Wohl Pathology Museum is home to one of the largest and most historic collections of surgical pathology in the world. The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh was funded in 1505, with the Museum’s collection growing significantly from 1699 after “natural and artificial curiosities” were publically sought.
The National Museum of Scotland is the home of Dolly, the the first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell at the University of Edinburgh in 1996. The Total-Body PET2020 conference dinner will be hosted at the National Museum of Scotland and the Science and Technology wing will be open to all conference delegates as part of the conference dinner experience.

Educational Session (pre-conference)

Types of RegistrationFee (£)
Educational session (senior)100
Education session (junior)*50

Educational session registration fee includes access to all lectures and tutorials part of the Educational Session (pre-conference), breaks refreshments and lunch (Day 1).

*Junior delegates are MSc and PhD students.